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  n Order to implement Quality at each level of production / Services / Management of Hi-Tech has established proper departments with their Job Descriptions.



In Order to maintain a smooth and hassle free business continuity and customer services, Hi-Tech has allocated a team of highly qualified well experienced Merchandisers to serve their respective Customer Division.

Our motive in merchandising is “Complete Customer Care” and “Organizational Growth” with the spirit of efficiency at each level.


Merchandising Team is fully capable to handle all types of business inquires and get them executed.




Hi-Tech has introduced a scientific system of “Production Planning” to ensure timely deliveries. We offer our customer best commitments to honor their seasonal requirements

A qualified planning team is following up each and every process from order confirmation till the delivery.



At Hi-Tech we have organized Modern Machinery for Higher quality and productivity. We are always keen towards “ automation“.

Productivity level of Hi-Tech is matching with modern Textile SAM allocation. At Hi-Tech you will observe efficient management, Supervisors and skilled workers.



Industrial Engineering:

In order to make our production most competitive and efficient with changing styles from buyer’s our “Industrial Engineering” team is ready to coordinate and implement the best prevailing SAM.

All the orders are finalized based on a critical and factual analysis from I.E. department to avoid delivery days.


Quality Assurance:

In order to implement quality of work, Hi-Tech has a team of well groomed professionals fully dedicated to ensure quality parameter’s right from cutting till shipment.

The presence of QA Department parallel with qualified Management and Modern equipment ensures a highly satisfactory quality level.

Quality Parameter's are as follows.


1.Complete Sampling Approval Process,
2.Implement Customer requirement at all level’s,
3.100% Fabric Inspection
4.Compulsory Pilot Run , Size Set & Pre Production Approval
5.Pattern Calibration
6.Cutting Inspection
7.Pre-Induction Audit
8.In Line Quality Control
9.Pre Wash Random Garment Inspection 
10.Wash Garments  100% Inspection + Segregation
11.Random Inspection during packing
12.Pre Shipment Internal QA  Audit
13.Final Inspection to Buyer at 1.5  AQL



  Sampling :

  Hi-Tech offer’s it’s customer’s a complete follow up of their

  Style’s   with the expertise of our highly Technical Designer’s

  who can  shape up the creation of Designer. We target

  comfort, fit and appearance of our garment in sampling as

  well during production.


  We use Digital GERBER system for sampling and cutting. 


Fabric Store

At Hi Tech we are using Fabric from best fabric mills and are nominated by our , Buyer’s  or we have developed a relationship with them.

Fabric is ordered based on consumption’s provided by the IE Department and

Production team.



Cutting :

Cutting department contains a team of expert In charge and operators. All cutting is done through Auto Spreader and markers are issue through GGT system.

Lot wise fabric spreading and cutting ensures quality of cut parts ensuring exact garment.

To enhance our cutting department we are going to induct a Gerber Auto Cutter to increase our  accuracy and efficiency.


  Dry & Wet Process :

We offer complete solution of garment Dry & Wet process to

attract our customers.


Our Dry process includes Hand Sanding, Sand Blasting,

Grinding, Tattering Garment Damaging, Whiskers,

Chevrons, Etc.

In Wet process we offer all types of Light, Medium and heavy

washes with application such as PP spray, Tinting, Over

Dyeing etc.



Finishing & Packing :

Garments are First trimmed then sent for Snapping/Button & Rivet attachments + Ornamentations, Embossing, Rhinestone, Templates ,Heat seals etc.

Garments are pressed & fully inspected in terms of specs, shade, presentation etc.


A separate team is allocated to pack the passed goods as per customer’s requirement’s.



Logistic & Transportation :


Trade routes through two main sea ports in the Middle East


(Aqaba and Haifa) allow for time efficient solutions.


Lead-time to U.S. (Aqaba – East coast) Average 14 days


Lead-time to U.S. (Haifa – East coast) Average 18 days


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